Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Okay, here's the deal loyal fans and friends. We are all hungry to start off the summer party Papacitos style, so here is the information we have so you can start planning your summer parties


The garden this year will take you out of you city rut and drop your ass right into the tropical lush world of Mexico. Think Frida Kalo back yard and you'll be pretty spot on. We have added about 30 more seats, lush tropical plants, killer lighting and a mellow surround sound. We are going to focus on it being a lovely place to dine day or night. We will be serving many flavors of tropical summer non-a drinks, like Fresh Watermelon Frescas, Strawberry Batitas, Mango Nectar and Horcchata with Fresh Cinnamon.


Papacitos will no longer be serving beer or sangria, until mid summer, thanks for your patience and understanding. In addition we will have a smoking section, with strict enforcement as it pertains to health code. Basically if you loved getting totally wasted and not paying for your drinks at our sudo bar last summer then you might not like the new Papacitos, but if you really love the food and the atmosphere then you already know what’s up! and THANK YOU FOR THAT!

Papacitos can get crazy...please be patient with your server and our staff: as you are waiting for you food, just chill out, its sunny and warm, the servers are hot, your surrounded by friends and neighbors and what you might not know, is that the reason your food is taking a little while is that we have a full dining room, 100 deliveries going out the front door and most likely a line for takeout. So you're the lucky ones in the garden, kick back, hook your server up an all will be good.

MEXICAN GARDEN BRUNCH: Saturday an Sunday 11:00am-4:00pm

We will be also be doing our soon to be so packed and awesome: Mexican Garden Brunch with all new Brunch Specials, amazing Iced Coffee from Brooklyn Standard Bodega "our sister venture". Our Brunch menu will Feature ORGANIC EGGS and Locally Source Produce for our Specials. Brunch will be an enjoyable morning at Papacitos with Live Music on the Weekends.

New BRUNCH menu to start in JUNE, Chef Cody Utzman who brought the neighborhood his amazing Time Out Best Breakfast/Brunch to Greenpoint a few Years ago is hard at work conceptualizing a new menu that will sure to be the talk of the town. Check back on web site for debut date.


Every night of the week and weekend we will be taking 2-3 reservation for a group of at least 12 people, call now to book your party. WE CAN NOT ACCOMADATE MORE THE 1 Large Group at a time so book now.


OMG, YES we have a bathroom for the backyard. No more walking around to the front of the store!! I know you all thought that was the coolest thing about Papacitos anyways.


We are expanding to the space next door, soon papacitos will offer booth seating, full bar with 15 places to plant your ass, 4 bathrooms, indoor/outdoor design and new expanded hours..get nacho cheese sauce on your chin till 4 am!!

Thanks for you loyalty!
Cody, Kat, Colin